Best Coffeeshops in NYC

For a cafe that takes coffee seriously, look no further than Ralph’s. This beautifully designed cafe is clad with opulence and charm that makes it popular among locals and visitors alike.

This Ridgewood spot focuses on sourcing and roasting their own beans. With a clean and airy space, they serve everything from steamed milk to bomoblonis (think Nutella). This is one of the best places to get coffee in NYC.

Horizon Line

The plot is pretty simple: two people are trapped in a plane that’s flying over the ocean when the pilot dies. This premise could be a lot of fun in the hands of a competent filmmaker, but Horizon Line is not that film.

The script was written by Matthew Stuecken and Josh Campbell, the two 10 Cloverfield Lane writers who aren’t Damien Chazelle (director of acclaimed arthouse-trash thriller The Shallows) and the director here is Jaume Collet-Serra, another expert in high-concept, low-budget thrills. Add in Allison Williams, who’s been turning out solid performances in genre fare, and this movie should be a sphincter-clencher.

Rooms at this 4-star hotel offer a private balcony, air conditioning and coffee/tea makers. There is also a kitchen available for those who enjoy self-catering meals. Metamorfosis Tou Sotiros is less than a 15-minute walk from the accommodation, while Sirocco Beach Bar & Restaurant can be reached in under 1 km. Diagoras Airport is within a 65-minute drive.

Three Pines

Three Pines features a well-appointed cafe with a socially spaced line where customers gather to await their order. The place has earned a lot of attention for its food that is delicious and nutritious. Moreover, the place offers various coffees and teas that are made from high quality ingredients. The staff at Three Pines is also very courteous and friendly.

Industry young gun Cabell Tice – a former world latte art champion, no less – picked a small town in the Smoky Mountains for his first shop and set about making a serious coffee place that he, and locals, could feel proud of. It’s a forward-looking, exacting operation that sources its coffee from a wide range of roasters and, on its best days, feels like one of Southern California’s more hospitable cafes.

The series follows Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (played by Alfred Molina) investigating a series of murders in the picturesque village of Three Pines, Quebec. It is based on the best-selling books by Louise Penny.


Villager is the third game in the Animal Crossing series. It introduces a new set of villagers and features additional interactivity and actions for the player to engage with. Adult villagers may produce babies that don’t count toward population, and villagers can now shake trees and plant flowers. They can also enter shops, fish during the Fishing Tourney, and give players pictures of themselves.

The 2.0 free update added more interactivity, such as a new feature that allows villagers to work on DIY projects in their homes and share them with the player. Additionally, villagers can now comment on furniture inside their houses and can randomly visit the player’s house.

Villager is different from other synonyms like peasant, serf, bumpkin, yokel, and churl in that it doesn’t imply judgement or disapproval. However, it is still more casual than townfolk. There are many specialized villagers: the librarian, each adorned with a book on top of their head, purchases paper. The fletcher, each armed with a quill in their hat, vends string-related items. The cartographer, each adorned with a monocle, trades map-related items.

La Cabra

Founded in Denmark, the coffee shop and roaster La Cabra made waves last year when it opened its East Village location. A favorite of Nordic coffee nerds around the world, it quickly earned a cult following for its exacting pour overs and well-executed pastries overseen by head baker Jared Sexton, a Dominique Ansel and Bien Cuit alum.

The neat rows of treats in the glass case include savory items like a serviceable ham-and-cheese croissant ($6). But the bakery’s most lauded item is the kardemummabullar, which are a type of Swedish cardamom bun (about $5 per). This multi-layered treat’s precise aroma can recall anything from the eucalyptus punch of a steam sauna to the resinous fragrance of a Christmas tree.

The minimalist space features a La Marzocco Modbar, and its baristas are skilled at extracting shots. The shop’s plates and cups are custom-designed by Wurtz ceramics, a father-and-son studio based in Horsens, Denmark.

Bien Cuit

Founded by chef Zachary Golper, Bien Cuit is a French-inspired bakery that features artisanal breads and pastries. It has won multiple awards and accolades, including the James Beard Award and a Michelin Guide star. Its products are sold across New York City and in the Los Angeles area. The menu includes raisin walnut sourdough, traditional baguettes, and breakfast pastries. It also serves sandwiches and tartines.

In the thirteen years prior to opening Bien Cuit, Chef Zachary Golper trained in bread and pastry across the continental United States and France. His experience in baking was shaped by his mentors and his own devotion to ancient bread-making techniques.

The place is popular among locals and offers nice cooked pies. The staff is competent and prompt in serving clients. The prices are reasonable. It is a great place to relax and have a drink after a long working coffeeshops

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