FF14 Leveling Guide – Fast Ways to Gain Experience

As you play, you will gain XP as you level up using this FFXIV guide. The great thing about leveling in Final Fantasy XIV is that you can level any class and job on the same character. However, it takes a long time to level. You will save a lot of time by using these tips about FFXIV leveling methods, regardless of whether this is your first or tenth class.

The experience in Final Fantasy XIV is gained by killing enemies, completing quests, completing challenges, and clearing dungeons. Many of these activities present unique rewards. Additionally, the best leveling methods will depend on your overall progress in the game.

FFXIV’s best experience buffs will be discussed first, followed by the fastest way to level your first class, and finally the easiest way to level your alts quickly as well. Here we go!

FFXIV Experience Bonuses: Rested, Food & Free Companies:

Let’s look at the FFXIV experience buffs before we go any further. Before logging off, you should always make sure you’re in a Sanctuary. In Final Fantasy XIV, if you leave your character in one of these places while offline, you will receive a ‘rested’ bonus the next time you log in. In addition to the +50% battle experience bonus, this bonus is pretty valuable.

A sanctuary can be found in cities as well as several smaller towns and outposts. Aethereal crystals distinguish these places. The icon of a crescent moon will appear next to your experience bar to let you know you’ve entered a Sanctuary.

The next step is to become a food buff. To survive, all you have to do is go to the nearest store and buy yourself the cheapest food you can find (even water will do). You will receive a 3% experience bonus when you kill things. You can stack this bonus twice. Despite the small boost in experience, given how easy it is to keep this buff on you at all times, it’s recommended you make use of it.

ff14 culinarian leveling guide
ff14 culinarian leveling guide

Equipment Bonuses in FFXIV:

You can also equip an item blessed with an experience bonus between 20% and 30% in addition to the rested and food bonuses. This kind of item is rare, though. You can only obtain most of them by pre-ordering Final Fantasy XIV expansions. Here’s a list of items that will help you level up more quickly, excluding the ones from previous expansions:

The Ring. Increases your leveling experience by 30% until level 31. As you only have to complete the challenges in the Hall of the Novice with the Brand-New Ring, it’s highly recommended that you get it. The short challenges in FFXIV are a great way to learn the combat system if you’re new.

The circle of friends. Recruiting a friend (using the FFXIV invite system) or being recruited yourself and staying subscribed for thirty days gives you a 20% experience bonus. There is a level 26 bonus.

The Memphian’s Earring. This can be obtained by preordering the End walker expansion. The experience bonus is 30% until level 80.

How To Level Your First Class In FFXIV:

Let’s talk about how to level up your first character in FFXIV now that we’ve got all those experience bonuses sorted out. In order to gain experience fast in this class, it is best to complete the Scenario Quests and the Class Quests.

It is fun to gain experience through the main storyline, and it will also assist you in other ways (by unlocking new locations and gameplay features, for example). You won’t need anything else for now, since doing these will give your character a massive boost in experience.

In your Journal, you can easily find your current Main Scenario Quest by the fiery frame surrounding the quest icon. The class icon can also be used to identify the Class Quests. In the upper left corner of your screen, you can also see Main Scenario Quests and Class Quests.

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