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Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite – A Detailed Comparison For E-Readers

The new Kindle Paperwhite 2018 e-reader is waterproof and comes with Bluetooth audio for streaming audiobooks, two features already found in its high-end Kindle Oasis. The Oasis has a 7-inch screen; however, the two e-readers are priced very differently despite similar features. US prices for Oasis and Paperwhite are $250 and $130, respectively.

Considering those price differences, there does not seem to be much reason to consider the Oasis, but here’s a comparison between the two e-readers to help you decide on kindle paperwhite vs kindle oasis.

There is no illuminated screen on the entry-level Kindle ($80, £60, or AU$109), so we typically recommend the Paperwhite instead. There are plenty of alternatives to Amazon, such as Walmart’s Kobo reader, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook device, which has a 2.1 percent market share.

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis 2021

A device like an e-book reader is ideal for those who are voracious readers and like to travel. Amazon makes a number of the best e-book readers, but knowing which model to choose is tough. Your preferences play a large role in which model you choose.

Can you justify buying the top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis? Could you save some money by getting a cheaper Kindle Paperwhite so you can buy more books?

Over the years, Amazon has added new models to its range, but the choice between the two top models remains difficult. Kindle Paperwhite versus Oasis: Which should you buy? Here are the pros and cons of both.

kindle paperwhite vs kindle oasis
kindle paperwhite vs kindle oasis

Best Reasons To Buy Kindle Oasis

Larger Screen Size: The screen size of the two devices is one of the biggest differences between them. Over 30 percent extra screen space is provided by the 7-inch screen of the Oasis. Each e-reader offers a 300 pixel-per-inch display with similar sharpness and contrast. Its thinnest point measures 3.4 millimeters, and it weighs 194 grams (6.8 ounces). There is a difference of 12 grams between the weight and thickness of the Paperwhite and the Oasis.

Built Stronger: The chassis on the Oasis is aluminum, while the one on the Paperwhite is plastic. It has a more premium feel.

Integrated Light Scheme: The Paperwhite has a five-LED array, while the Oasis has a 12-LED array. The lighting scheme at the Oasis is clearly brighter and with slightly better uniformity.

Oasis Physical Page Turn Buttons: You can either hold the device in your left or right hand to turn pages or tap the screen to turn pages. Unlike earlier Kindles, the Paperwhite doesn’t have physical page turns, something some hardcore fans love about it.

Best Reasons To Buy Kindle Paperwhite

Cheaper Price: The Paperwhite sometimes hits $100 on flash sales and costs less than half of an Oasis.

Lighter Weight: The weight of the Paperwhite is slightly less than that of the Oasis, despite being a bit thicker.

Same Waterproof Rating: The Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage both have fully waterproof (IPX8) designs with flat front surfaces similar to the now discontinued Kindle Voyage.

Same Bluetooth Audiobook Features:  Audible audiobooks can now be listened to over Bluetooth headphones or speakers on the Paperwhite, just as with the Oasis. As both e-book and audiobooks are synced to where you left off, you can easily switch between them, but do not expect either Kindle to function as a music player or podcast player. Audiobooks are their only purpose.

Same Storage Options:  Each model of the E-Reader has a storage capacity of 8GB. The extra space is more to accommodate audiobooks, which have larger files than e-books. Apparently, that’s enough space for “thousands of e-books,” according to Amazon. Consider the step-up models that feature 32GB of storage if you’re a dedicated Audible listener.

Final Thoughts

kindle paperwhite vs kindle oasis for Amazon’s e-book readers, which stands out as the best pick. Its display is larger, it has a blue light filter, and it looks the most unique. In terms of design, the Kindle Paperwhite offers the biggest differences, so if you prefer a more affordable version, you’ll still get an excellent product. With a waterproof design and a crisp display, you’ll get an extra $120 to spend on e-books.

Therefore, if you want the best and money is not an issue, you should consider the Kindle Oasis. However, if you were concerned about the Oasis’ high price, you should know that the Paperwhite offers the same experience for almost half as much. And that’s no small feat.

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