Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater

Wood heaters are one of the most popular home heating solutions. Not only do they provide excellent warmth, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and can be fitted into a variety of spaces.

They also tend to be less polluting than many other types of heating. However, they must be installed and operated correctly to ensure that residents in the area are not impacted by smoke emissions from flues.

Easy to maintain

The Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater is one of the easiest and most efficient heating systems to maintain. Its patented firebox design and superior construction make it easy to keep your home warm and toasty all year round.

It’s a good idea to clean your wood heater regularly and remove the ash from it. This will keep it operating efficiently and prevent a build up of flammable material which could lead to a house fire.

There are many things to consider when it comes to installing a wood heater in your home. Some of these factors include the size and type of room, the amount of wood you will be burning each day and where you live. For example, if you’re in a colder climate like Tasmania or Victoria you may only need a small coverage wood heater. The most important thing to remember is that you must follow Australian Standards and abide by the rules in order to comply with your local building code.

High heat output

If you’re looking for a wood heater with high heat output, the Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater is an excellent option. Its radiant style allows the heat to flow directly from the firebox and circulate it throughout your home efficiently.

Designed for heating medium to large spaces, this heater can be used as a freestanding unit or can be installed as an inbuilt model. It is constructed from 5mm steel and lined with firebricks, plus it comes with a 10 year firebox warranty.

Its a powerful wood heater and can heat up to 150 square meters of space. This is a great option for medium sized family homes.

The level of heat output a wood heater produces will depend on several factors such as the type of wood used, how long it burns for and the size of the room. It is also important to consider the environment when purchasing a wood heater, as it can impact your carbon footprint.

Aesthetic appeal

A wood heater is a surefire way to keep you toasty on a cold winter’s night. It’s also an effective insulator for the rest of the year, which is especially useful on those chilly spring and summer nights. Maxiheat has a wood heating solution to suit your needs, so browse their range of stylish, functional and efficient options. A little research will go a long way in finding your perfect fit. To make your search even easier, use our handy online form to find out which of our award-winning wood heating solutions is best for you. To help you narrow down your short list, we’ll ask you a few questions about the space where your new hearth will go.

Low carbon footprint

The Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater is a radiant style of heater, meaning it allows heat to flow directly from the firebox, making it an ideal space heater. It also comes with a factory fitted double barrel 3 speed fan that helps boost heat air into the room for optimum heating performance.

Whether you’re looking for a wood heater for your home or workplace, the low carbon footprint of this model is an important consideration. It burns up to 2 times cleaner than the national standard for emissions of 1.5g/kg and is one of the most efficient wood heaters on the market.

The Kent Calisto Small Freestanding wood heater is a modern wood heater that delivers outstanding heating performance with minimal emission. It’s perfect for medium sized areas, and is built with SKAMOLEX(tm) technology to increase efficiency and minimise emissions.

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