Men’s Boxershorts – The Best Option For Penile and Testicular Health

Men have many choices of underwear and should select the underwear that suits the types of activities they plan to engage in. Some believe that certain underwear styles impact penile and testicular health, notably sperm count and the risk of testicular torsion.

Boxershorts closely resemble shorts and suit men who have slimmer thighs. They also suit men who prefer not to have their underpants ride up under their pants.


Boxer shorts are designed to be a comfortable, loose fit and many styles are available in different sizes. The fabric also makes a difference, as cotton fabrics provide breathability and comfort while high-tech materials may help with moisture control. Another factor to consider is chafing, which can occur when the legs of men’s underwear bunch or bind.

If you prefer a tighter fit, consider a pair of boxer briefs. These offer the coverage of a brief but with a stretch band waist to prevent unwanted ride-ups. Look for a pair with a fly front closure to reduce the risk of chafing, and choose a soft and breathable fabric that can handle daily wear.

British label Sunspel offers an elegant pair of cotton-woven boxer briefs with a classic light blue color. These feature a vertical fly and a form-fitting elasticated waistband that ensures your underwear stays in place without bunching or binding. This style is ideal for lounging around the house and for wearing under workout shorts when working out.


Boxer briefs are the best option for any guy who wants to look great. They’re slimming and they add a little interest to your legs. They also give your package some definition. For skinny guys, baggy underwear will make them look like noodles.

If you’re over 6ft tall, a pair of long underwear will make you look even longer. The short fabric of a pair of boxer briefs will help you avoid this look.

In a recent poll, women declared that boxer briefs are the underwear style they find most attractive in men. That’s probably because they can highlight a man’s muscles and masculine shape.

Try wearing your boxer briefs with a matching tee and some relaxed pants for the perfect casual outfit. Or, lean into the sporty aesthetic that made them popular in the first place by styling a pair with an athletic top and sneakers, as influencer @pernilleteisbaek has done. The result is the coveted model off-duty look with a tailored twist.


Boxer shorts offer full coverage of the pelvic area in a relaxed or tailored fit. This style is comfortable to wear all day and for many activities — including workouts. They can be worn with jeans or dress pants, and are available in a variety of prints and colors to complement any outfit.

Boxeshorts, also known as loose boxers, have an elastic waistband with a button fly and straight leg openings. They’re a great choice for men who prefer the comfort of a relaxed fit and like to wear casual or loungewear-like clothing. However, they don’t provide a lot of support and can bunch up or slip down the legs if you have larger legs or are wearing slimmer silhouettes.

Briefs are a slimmer style than boxershorts, offering support and full coverage from the waist to the top of the thigh. This is the most versatile men’s underwear silhouette on the market and can be worn with nearly any type of clothing.


Men who invest in high-quality men’s boxershorts can expect a long lifespan for their undergarments. As a result, they can get more wear out of each pair and save money over time. The loose fit of boxershorts also helps to regulate temperature in the testicles, preventing overheating that can negatively affect sperm production.

Boxershorts are available in a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk and polyester satin as well as wool and woven hemp. This allows men to choose options that are breathable and appropriate for their climate as well as personal style preferences.

The more roomy fit of boxershorts provides superior breathability compared to other undergarments, keeping the nether regions cool and dry throughout the day. The loose fit also reduces the risk of unwanted sweat and odor, which can lead to’s bamboo boxershorts

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