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Many people think you need to be a web developer, hacker, or financial analyst to work in cryptocurrency. But what you may not realize is graphic design jobs are one of the most in-demand crypto jobs out there.

The world of crypto and Web3 is entirely digital, which means the way things look and work is equally as important. If you currently work in graphic design or are studying graphic design, here are the five most in-demand crypto jobs you can pursue.

Graphic Designer

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, or equivalent tools
  • Design compelling illustrations, brochures, GIFs, and other visual assets
  • Improve on existing creatives, designs, and logos.
  • Utilize social media design trends to drive online engagement

Brand Designer

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Help creatively express the company’s brand across multiple mediums
  • Generate unique and compelling social, video, and ad content from beginning to end
  • Educate users through engaging and informative designs
  • Work collaboratively with other teams to create cohesive content

Art Director

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Lead planning, execution, and analysis of all creative design across all mediums
  • Generate clear and innovative ideas in collaboration with the larger marketing team
  • Ensure consistency in design across all marketing channels
  • Understand and drive marketing initiatives, strategic positioning, and target audience
  • Craft break-through brand campaigns and industry-leading designs
  • Ensure quality and completion of all work projects assigned to members of the design team

Motion Designer

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Fluency in Adobe After Effects or equivalent tools
  • Create and execute animated short-form branded content including show packages, motion systems, UI animations, explainer videos, infographics, and micro-animations.
  • Ideate and design creative and compelling content from start to finish
  • Collaborate with marketing team members to maintain a cohesive brand while defining motion design system

NFT Designer

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, or equivalent tools
  • Conceptualize, produce, and assist in the launch of the project as a whole
  • Create content and collateral for marketing campaigns
  • Create character design with wearables, rarity assets, and environments

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