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Casinos are gambling establishments that offer a variety of games. Many casinos also have restaurants, bars and other amenities. Some casinos are located near hotels, cruise ships and other tourist attractions.

Casino proponents often point to a lower local unemployment rate as evidence that casinos improve employment. However, this may be due to other economic factors rather than the introduction of a casino.


In many countries, casinos pay a tax on their gross gambling revenue (GGR). Although this may seem unfair to players, it is a necessary part of how governments and communities benefit from regulated gambling. GGR is calculated as a percentage of total wagers minus wins. While the exact amount varies from country to country, the average is about 20 percent.

The IRS recommends keeping accurate records to deduct gambling losses, including receipts or tickets, a diary, or other documentation. These records should include dates and types of specific wagers or gambling activities, the names of other people at the gambling establishment, and the amounts won or lost. Residents of Pennsylvania must report all gambling earnings, regardless of whether they are derived from games of chance or skill.


Casino gambling has been a popular pastime in many cities. The United States has more casinos than any other country and continues to increase its number of legal gaming zones. Its popularity has been fueled by interstate competition and the desire to attract tourists.

No person shall make a wager using tokens, chips, electronic credits, electronic cash or electronic cards unless the player has redeemed those instruments for money at a licensed casino gaming operator. Prepaid access instruments may be redeemed for cash and used in conjunction with an approved cashless wagering system or interactive gaming account.

A person who tampers with any casino game in a manner that affects the odds or payout of a game or disables a game from operating according to the rules established by the Board is guilty of a class 5 felony. The Department may petition a court of competent jurisdiction for an injunction against such persons.


Casinos require a large staff to keep the gambling operations running smoothly. Employees are generally required to undergo extensive background checks and drug tests. This is necessary because the casinos handle large sums of money. Some positions, such as a dealer, also require specific training. This can be done on the job or at a trade school.

Some casino proponents use decreased local unemployment rates as evidence that casinos help improve economic development. However, these numbers may be misleading. It is important to compare local changes in unemployment with statewide unemployment figures. This will reveal whether the increased employment is a result of a casino or other factors. In most cases, the increase in employment is due to an influx of skilled workers from outside the area. big77 alternatif

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