Thailand Privilege Card

Formerly known as Thailand Elite Visa Card, the new Thailand Privilege Card has revamped its business model to provide members with luxury lifestyle benefits. These include airport privileges, enriched travel experiences, accommodations, leisure, and business investment opportunities.

Members will also be rewarded with privilege points which they can redeem for exclusive services and extraordinary experiences. They will also be given a choice of packages, including the top-tier Reserve Card that offers a 20-year visa.

Membership Packages

The membership packages that Thailand Privilege Card offers are curated to cater to different global lifestyles. They provide visa privileges for various situations, from short-term trips to long-term living in the country. They also offer services like a 24-hour member contact center, concierge service, private healthcare packages, and special insurance plans.

Currently, there are four membership packages available: Elite Easy Access, Elite Alternative, Elite Superiority Extension, and Elite Flexible Plus. The first, Elite Easy Access is aimed at travelers who are looking for a five-year multiple entry visa and includes VIP perks such as limousine services and airport immigration fast-track.

The second package, Elite Alternative, is similar but caters to families. It is more expensive but provides a wider range of experiences, such as premium lounge access and VIP seating at movie theaters. The last, Elite Superiority Extension, is a special package for current members who are interested in investment and the ability to work in the country. It requires a minimum investment of $1 million USD in 3 different kinds of investments, including real estate, public company limited or shares, and stock in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Visa Requirements

The Thailand Privilege Card is a visa program that allows members to obtain a 5-year tourist visa. It is offered by the Thailand Privilege Card Company, a state-owned corporation under the supervision of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The program offers a variety of packages that vary in terms of privileges and benefits. These include luxury accommodations, travel experiences, and more. The program also provides a multilingual-speaking call center and other support services to maximize member convenience.

Another benefit of the Thailand Privilege Card is its visa assistance service. This helps members through the 90-day reporting required by Thai immigration law. The Elite Personal Liaison will help members with this requirement, and they will be able to avoid having to go to immigration offices themselves. The visa agent will take care of the process, and it should only take about 30 minutes to complete. This is a significant time savings for members who are not familiar with the Thai immigration system.

Privilege Points System

As the name suggests, Thailand Privilege Card provides a privilege point system to give members access to a wide range of premium services. These are categorized into five pillars: accommodation, travel, leisure, health and well-being, personal finances, and wealth.

Members can redeem privilege points through the program for a variety of experiences and services, including a personal assistant at the airport, luxury airport transfers via limousine quota, private chefs at home, VIP shopping vouchers, visits to aquariums and Muay Thai experience, and other activities. The company also offers discounts on golf and spa services, annual health checkups, banking services, and special insurance products.

While the company says that it’s targeting remote workers and digital nomads, it’s unclear how the privilege points system will work for these groups. It’s still challenging for them to secure a Thai work permit and the income tax rules on working in Thailand aren’t yet clear. In addition, the ‘Land of Smiles’ doesn’t offer much support for securing an overseas business visa.

Redeem Points

Previously known as the Thailand Elite Card, this visa program now offers more privileges and services through its rebranding initiative. A contemporary logo design and new uniforms are some of the key features of the new package. The company also aims to attract new target markets, such as affluent investors, workcation enthusiasts, and digital nomads.

Members can redeem privilege points to unlock perks for different areas, such as accommodation, travel, leisure, well-being, and personal finance. The perks are updated on a regular basis. The privilege point balance resets every year to ensure fair value for all members.

The new cards have a number of benefits, including free hotel stays and concert tickets. However, it’s important to note that the cards are considered tourist visas and won’t help you get permanent residency or citizenship in Thailand. You will still need to report to immigration every 90 days. The cards will be available for purchase on October 1, 2023.

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